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Part 1...

To the animator of Part 1: You have solid camera work and storytelling skills. What you need to focus on is your quality of art and fluidity of motion.

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What I don't understand...

...is why this movie doesn't have a higher score! The animation and art are amazing! While there are a few inconsistencies with the art, it's not enough to take off any points for. The author's excellent knowledge of anatomy and super effective animation techniques make this movie truly a treat to watch.

A Cinematic Feel

In truth, if we were given a more sensitive scale I'd probably have rated this a 8.5. Despite the somewhat simplistic art style, this movie was animated quite well and the cinematography was executed very smoothly. Overall it had a very cinematic feel to it which was very nice. Voice acting was clear, crisp, and well done. The music matched the scenes nicely. The only thing I'd really push for is the art; more detail and accuracy would definitely benefit upcoming sequels greatly.

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Well Done

You've used a simple concept for a game but turned it into something fun and addicting using great graphics, stellar music, fluid animation, a nice engine, and effective game mechanics. THIS is how you make a GAME. Well done.

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... is the score so low for this? I love it! The 3D animation is well done, and I love the new style and direction these games are going. Please make more 3D games like this! =D

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Reminds me of..

Legend of Zelda, first Pokemon movie, and Princess Mononoke mixed together.

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sorohanro responds:

Thanks for review.

Awesome =D

Fantastically composed. Made my blood run.

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What a wonderful piece in the sense that it's extremely expressive, composed well, and well detailed.

Evoking a visceral recoil is what it got from me--it's clearly succeeded in its objective of laying out all of the artist's thoughts and feelings on the subject.

It's brutal, because it's meant to be... because that's how the author perceives the subject matter to be.

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Azurenex responds:

thank you!


Yet pretty. You didn't idealize yourself, thus showing that you have great self esteem as both a person and an artist. A well done piece.

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haha I wish, Thankyou!

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